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Rara Lake - the biggest and dippest lake in Nepal is one of the best destinations in Nepal to visit. Rara Lake is situated in the Far Western Region of Nepal. Rara Lake also known as Mahendra Tal is situated in the totally remote region where the trekkers must walk through the off beaten and rough trail. The trek starts from a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla and from Jumla airport, the trek starts for the Beautiful Rara through the places like Padmara, Bumra, and Pine. You will walk through the remote areas of Karnali Zone in the western part of Nepal, where you will be reflected in the unique cultures and sceneries. While undertaking this trek, one can experience different varieties of Floras and Faunas. The trail goes through the forest of fir, pine, spruce, juniper, cedar, birch, and rhododendron where the trekkers might see various mountain wildlife including musk deer, goral, thar, Himalaya black bear, cats, wolves and the red panda and lies under the Rara National park as well. Though the routes to Rara is full of hurdles, the views you get from this place is a piece of a heaven and a sheer moment of bliss.

Included in the Cost

All transportation by private vehicle
2-nights accommodation in 4-star hotel at Kathmandu in a room only basis.
1-night accommodation in Nepalgunj in a room only basis.
Accommodation throughout the trek on room only basis in the best available hotel
Flight ticket from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Jumla & Jumla to Nepalgunj to Kathmandu.
An experienced, English-speaking and government-licensed holder trek leader and assistant trek leader (4 trekkers: 1 assistant guide)
Porter service (2 trekkers: 1 porter) (one porter can carry 18 kilos of luggage and share between two clients.
Staff costs including their salary, insurance, equipment, domestic airfare, food, and accommodation.
All necessary paperwork and trekking permits (National Park Permit, TIMS)
Medical kit (carried by your trek leader)

    Not Included in the Cost

    Food and drinks/ Beverage bills
    Entrance Fees
    Tipping (Tips)
    Travel Insurance
    International Flights
    Extars cost for upgrading rooms and services at hotels
    donation in temples, schools, monasteries etc .
    Personal Hiking gear, personal kits
    Emergency rescue evacuation insurance of any kind

    Necessary Equipments

    Recomended gear list:

    Good wind/rain Jacket
    Warm fleece jacket or Jersey
    Good boots , either light-weight trekking boots or light full leather boots.
    Good (-20) Sleeping bag (which can be rented or bought in Kathmandu)
    Sun hat or scarf
    Sunglasses with UV protection
    Hiking shorts
    Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms



    Nepalis a landlocked country which has borders with India & China . You caneither fly in or enter by land borders that are attached with China or India.


    Yesyou can get a visa on arrival . The rates are as follows-

    MultipleEntry – 15 Days – 25$

    MultipleEntry – 30 Days – 40$

    MultipleEntry – 90 Days – 100$


    Absolutely, Nepal is safe . Nepal is considered one of the safest country to travel .Chancesare Nepal is more safe than your own home country .


    Yes the food and water are hygienically standard during trekking . Our experiencedguides check the food before preparing in the kitchen to make sure its Okay .You will get boiled water in the lodges , you can also buy sealed water or purifywater using tablets .


    Yourguide will be a Nepalese but fluent in English . They are carefully selectedwith the appropriate experience , attitude and leadership skills . We can alsoprovide French , German , Chinese , Japanese , Korean and Spanish speakingguides.


    Yesyou can bring your medication. Please make sure to put it in your originalpacket and bring your prescription with you.


    The tourist police office is located near Nepal Tourism Development Board’s office.They are well trained and fluent in English to assist foreigners. You canalways call 100 for police assistance.

    • Day 1

      Arrival in kathmandu 1400m

      Welcome to the capital city of Nepal. Upon your arrival at the Kathmandu airport, our representative will meet, greet and welcome you and transfer you to your confirmed hotel. After reaching the hotel you can rest and relax as you might be having Jet Lag. Later on, you can stroll around the city. Overnight in Kathmandu.
    • Day 2

      Fly to Nepalgunj (150m) Flight duration: 1hour

      After your breakfast, our office representative will come to receive you in the hotel and you will be transferred to the airport to catch your flight to Nepalgunj. Make sure to get the seat on the right side of the plane as from this side you will be able to observe the magnificent snow clad mountains ranging from the north to the Far East. Upon arrival in Nepalgunj, you will be transferred to your hotel. There will be a time in the evening to stroll around the town, which is 3 kilometers from the Nepal-India border, explore the surroundings and get back to the hotel. Overnight in Nepalgunj.
    • Day 3

      Fly to Jumla and trek to Padmara (3017m) Flight duration: 30 mins, Hike duration: 3/4 hours

      Have your breakfast in the morning and then you will be transferred to the domestic airport for your flight to Jumla. Jumla town is the administrative headquarters of Karnali Zone. From Jumla you start walking towards Padmara. You will walk through Dansanhu, the confluence of Tila and Chaudbise River, and then through the pine forest to reach Urtus, the next confluence of Chaudbise Khola and Ghurseni Khola. The bridge leads east to Chaudbise area, from where you will ascend steeply through the narrow gorge of the Ghurseni Khola. From Ghurseni Khola, Padmara village lies just one hour ahead. After reaching to Padmara check-in lodge and have rest. Overnight in local lodge.
    • Day 4

      Hike to Bumra (2830m) Hike duration: 3/4 hours

      After your breakfast today, you will walk towards Burma through the Ghurseni stream and commence climbing the first pass, Khali Langa (3545m), which is about 4 kilometers far from Padmara. You will walk by following the right bank of stream and continue walking down for one hour through dense forest to reach a log bridge over Sinja Khola. You will cross the bridge and start walking up to reach Bumra, which is about two kilometers further and finally you will reach to Bumra. After reaching to Bumra, check in hotel and have rest. Overnight in local lodge.
    • Day 5

      Hike to Pine (2430m) Hike duration: 4/5 hours

      Have your breakfast and then you will start to walk the trail which is little high above the river bank for about one and half hour to reach Bhargaon (2890m). Now the trail continues to the branch streams of Ghautha River. You will cross the stream over a log bridge and start heading upward to reach Chautha. After an hour walking from Chautha, the valley opens out into a pleasant meadow. Now, you will climb up the narrow gorge on the northeast slope and head north to reach Pine. Once you reach to Pine explore the surroundings and have rest in your tent. Overnight at camp.
    • Day 6

      Hike to Rara Lake (3010m) Hike duration: 5 hours

      Have your breakfast in the morning and then you will head towards Rara Lake. It is only eight kilometers west of Pine and is a short, pleasant trek with wonderful views on the way. From Pine, you will walk through the trail which is steep north-facing slope which leads to the flat meadow and then descends to the stream. You will cross the stream and climb up to the hamlet of Jhari (2500m), which will take about two hours. From Jhari, you will ascend west along a ridge to reach a low saddle. From here, you can see the view of the large lake towards the north. From here, it is pleasant descent to the meadows on the south side of the lake. The village site of Rara (3040m) on the north side is a pleasant two hours walk along the western bank of the lake. Overnight at camp.
    • Day 7

      Explore Rara Lake and the surroundings

      KM. Rara Lake is the biggest lake in Nepal and it is the center of attraction in Rara National Park. It is so huge that another end of the lake is hard to see and it is oval shaped with the east-west axis and has a maximum length of 5 km and a width of 3 km. The depth of Rara Lake is 167 m. The lake is surrounded by forests and green hills. Chuchemara Danda at 4,087 meters is the best place to see the panoramic view of the lake and the snow-capped peaks along with the nearby green surroundings. If you wish to round the lake, it will take about eight hours to walk around it. Explore the surroundings and have rest in your camp. Overnight at camp.
    • Day 8

      Hike to Ghorasain (3271m) Hike duration: 6 hours

      Have your breakfast in the morning and later on today, you will leave the periphery of Rara and commence walking through the outlet of Rara lake and follow the downstream of Khatyar Gad for an hour. Cross the stream over the log bridge to the south side and climb gradually uphill through the dense forest until the tree line is reached. The ridge continues to the south for another 200 meters but it is a pleasant walk with an isolated view of the mountains. Now, you will descend by the steep way from the east side of the ridge to reach Ghorasain. After reaching to Ghorasain you can rest in your tent. Overnight at camp.
    • Day 9

      Hike to Sinja (2490m) Hike duration: 4 hours

      After your breakfast, you will leave Ghorasain behind and you will start walking for Sinja. You will descend down to the valley to Botan (2895m). From Botan, you will climb to Diyabala Ridge which lies at southwards of Ghorasain with the panoramic view of the surroundings. From Diyabale Danda the trail then leads to the high fields of Lumsa and then descends to Okharpati village on a high shelf above Mindrabali Gad. While walking, you can have the panoramic view of the Sinja valley. Now, you have to descend to the Sinja village as the final hour of walk, which takes about 2 hours. After reaching to Sinja explore the surroundings. Overnight at camp.
    • Day 10

      Hike to Chere Chaur (2987m) Hike duration: 3/4 hours

      You will have your breakfast in the camp and commence walking to reach Chere Chaur. Your walking begins with crossing the log bridge over Sinja Khola to the east and follow the bank of Jaljale Gad. After walking for some time following the river bank, you will start ascending over the ridge (2865m). Continuing the trail; finally, we descend down into the headquarters of Ju Gad that drains to Jumla town and one more kilometer walk leads us to the beautiful Chere Chaur. Overnight at camp.
    • Day 11

      Hike to Jumla Hike duration: 3hours

      Have your breakfast in the morning and then you will start your hike through the delightful alpine pasture; Chere Chaur. Chere Chaur provides a good view of the Jumla town, Tila valley, and Chyakhure hill. Overnight in local lodge.
    • Day 12

      Fly to Nepalgunj and Kathmandu by flight Flight duration: 30 mins/ 1 hour

      Today is your last day in the western region of Nepal, you will reach to the Jumla airport to catch the flight to Nepalgunj and from Nepalgunj and you will fly back to the capital city Kathmandu. After you arrive Kathmandu, you will be transferred to the hotel and Overnight in hotel.
    • Day 13


      Today, you will have your Breakfast in the hotel and you will be transferred to the International airport to catch the flight to your onward destination.

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