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Rara Lake also known as Mahendra Tal and the largest lake of Nepal is totally remote trekking where, the trekkers must walk through off beaten trail. The trek starts from a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla and from Jumla airport, the trek starts for the Beautiful Rara through the places like Padmara, Bumra and Pine. You will walk through the remote areas of Karnali Zone at the western part of Nepal, where you will be reflected with the unique cultures and sceneries. While undertaking this trek, one can experience different varieties of Floras and Faunas. The trail goes through the forest of fir, pine, spruce, juniper, cedar, birch, and rhododendron where the trekkers might see various mountain wildlife including musk deer, goral, thar, Himalaya black bear, cats, wolves and the red panda. 

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu - 1,400m.

Upon your arrival in the Kathmandu airport, our representative will meet, greet and welcome you and transfer you to your confirmed hotel. You can rest relax and enjoy your time in the hotel or you can stroll around the city. Overnight Hotel.


Day 02: Kathmandu to Nepalgunj(150 m) 1hr Flight.

The flight to Nepalgunj will give you good views of the Himalaya towards the North. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your hotel. There will be time in the evening to have a good look around the town, which is 3 kms from the Nepal-India border. Overnight Hotel.


Day 03: Nepalgunj – Jumla – Padmara(3017m).
You will catch flight to Jumla. Jumla town is the administrative headquarters of Karnali Zone. From Jumla we start walking towards Padmara. You will walk through Dansanhu, the confluence of Tila and Chaudbise River, and then through the pine forest to reach Urtus, the next confluence of Chaudbise Khola and Ghurseni Khola. The bridge leads east to Chaudbise area, from where you will ascend steeply through the narrow gorge of the Ghurseni Khola. From Ghurseni Khola, Padmara village is lies just one hour ahead. Overnight Local Lodge.


Day 04: Padmara – Bumra(2830m).
Today, you will walk towards Burma through the Ghurseni stream and commence climbing the first pass, Khali Langa (3545m), which is about 4 kilometers far from Padmara. You will walk by following the right bank of stream and continue walking down for one hour through dense forest to reach a log bridge over Sinja Khola. You will cross the bridge and start walking up to reach Bumra, which is about two kilometers further. Overnight Local Lodge.

Day 05: Bumra – Pine (2430m).
Today you will walk through the trail which is little high above the river bank for about 1.5 hour to reach Bhargaon (2890m). Now the trail continues to the branch streams of Ghautha River. You will cross the stream over a log bridge and start heading upward to reach Chautha. After an hour walking from Chautha, the valley opens out into a pleasant meadow. Now, you will climb up the narrow gorge on the north east slope and head north to reach Pine. Overnight at camp.

Day 06: PINE – Rara Lake (3010 m).
RARA LAKE is only eight kilometers west of Pine. It is a short, pleasant trek with wonderful view. From Pine, you will walk through the trail which is steep north-facing slope which leads to the flat meadow and then descend to the stream. You will cross the stream and climb up to the hamlet of Jhari (2500m), which will takes about two hours. From Jhari, you will ascend west along a ridge to reach a low saddle. From here, you can see the view of large lake towards north. From here, it is pleasant descent to the meadows on the south side of the lake. The village site of Rara (3040m) on the north side is a pleasant two hours walk along the western bank of the lake. Overnight at camp.

Day 07: Explore Rara Lake and the surroundings.
Rara area was designated as National Park in 1975, which covers an area of 106 Sq. KM. Rara Lake, the biggest lake in Nepal; is the centre piece of Rara National Park. It is so huge that other end of the lake is hard to see and it is oval shaped with eastwest axis and has a maximum length of 5 km and a width of 3 km. The depth of Rara Lake is 167 m. The lake is surrounded by forests and green hills. Chuchemara Danda at 4,087 meters is the best place to see the panoramic view of the lake and the snow-capped peaks along with the nearby green surroundings. If you wish to round the lake, it will take about eight hours walk to round it. Overnight at camp.

Day 08: Rara Lake – Ghorasain(3271m).
Today, you will leave the periphery of Rara and commence walking through the outlet of lake and follow the downstream of Khatyar Gad for an hour. Cross the stream over the log bridge to the south side and climb gradually uphill through the dense forest until the tree line is reached. The ridge continues to south for another 200 meters but it is pleasant walk with isolated view of the mountains. Now, you will descend by the steep way from the east side of ridge to reach Ghorasain.
Overnight at camp.

Day 09: Ghorasain – Sinja(2490 m).
From Ghorasain, you will start walking for Sinja. You will descend down to the valley to Botan (2895m). From Botan, you will climb to Diyabala Ridge which lies at southwards of Ghorasain with the panoramic view of the surroundings. From Diyabale Danda the trail then leads to the high fields of Lumsa and then descends to Okharpati Village on a high shelf above Mindrabali Gad. While walking, you can have the panoramic view of the Sinja valley. Now, you have to descend to the Sinja village as the final hour of walk, which takes about 2 hours. Overnight at camp.

Day 10: Sinja – Chere Chaur(2987m).
You will have your breakfast in the camp and commence walking to reach Chere Chaur. Your walking begins with crossing the log bridge over Sinja Khola to the east and follow the bank of Jaljale Gad. After walking for some time following the river bank, you will start ascending over the ridge (2865m). Continuing the trail; finally, we descend down into the headquarters of Ju Gad that drains to Jumla town and one more kilometers walk leads us to the beautiful Chere Chaur. Overnight at camp.

Day 11: Chere Chaur – Jumla.
You will wake up in the delightful alpine pasture; Chere Chaur. Chere Chaur provides good view of the Jumla town, Tila valley and Chyakhure hill. You will have your Breakfast and start descending down to Jumla. Overnight Local Lodge.

Day 12: Jumla – Nepalgunj – Kathmandu by flight.
Today is your last day in the western region of Nepal, you will reach to the Jumla airport to catch the flight to Nepalgunj and from Nepalgunj, you will fly back to the capital city Kathmandu. After you arrive Kathmandu, you will be transferred to the hotel and Overnight Stay at the hotel.

Day 13: Final Departure:

Today, you will have your Breakfast in the hotel and you will be transferred to the International airport to catch the flight to your onward destination.

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Rara Trekking

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