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Great Things in Business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.

As an organization with 20+ years of experience, Asian Heritage is fully dedicated to assemble the best individuals with team player quality. To provide the quick and best service, Asian Heritage gives professional training and selects those candidate who have strict professionalism ethics. Asian Heritage believe a person should always force oneself to explore and achieve rather than stay at same place. Training and outdoor experience is provided to our team which primarily focuses on developing the skill and customer satisfaction. One can only achieve the best when there is best team and good leadership. 

In summary, Asian Heritage is not just an organization with years of experience; it is a place where dedication to professionalism, continuous growth, and a strong sense of teamwork are at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to providing outstanding services through a team that is constantly evolving, learning, and striving for excellence under the guidance of strong leadership.



Nilam profile picture
Nil Hari Bastola (Nilam)
Team leader and Founder
Mina Bastola
Devi Prasad Kattel
Operations Manager
profile picture Jon Asian heritage
Jón Jonker
Sales Manager
Anish Shahi
IT Manager
Sunil profile picture
Sunil Chaulagain
Digital Marketing Specialist
Mukesh profile picture
Mukesh Bastola
Travel Planner
Ovidiu profile picture
Ovidiu Tulpan
Sales Representative
Saru profile picture Asian Heritage
Saru Tamang
Sustainability Coordinator
Lexie Klijn
International Sales & Marketing
Jop Van Hofwegen
International Sales & Marketing


Shiba Prasad Khanal
Trekking Guide
Rohit Phuyal
Trekking Guide
Bhim Bastola
Trekking Guide
Chandra Man Tamang
Trekking Guide
Hari Pandey
Tour Guide
Naresh Ghimire
Trekking Guide
Heri Bastola
Heri Bastola
Assistant guide

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