Asian Heritage’s Commitment to People, Places, and the Planet

At Asian Heritage, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices in the breathtaking regions of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. As a travel agency, we understand the importance of preserving the natural and cultural heritage of these destinations for future generations. 

How We Work Towards Sustainable Travel

We Believe in Responsible Travel

We believe in minimizing our environmental footprint by promoting responsible travel practices. We encourage our travelers to respect the local culture and traditions, conserve natural resources, and minimize waste generation during their journeys.

We Always Preserve Nature

We recognize the significance of the pristine natural landscapes in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. We actively promote eco-friendly activities, such as trekking, that have minimal impact on the environment. Our guides are trained to follow Leave No Trace principles, ensuring that we leave these beautiful regions as we found them.

We are Commited to Support Local Communities

We are committed to supporting the local communities in the regions we operate. We collaborate with local guides, suppliers, and accommodations to ensure that the benefits of tourism reach the grassroots level. By engaging in community-based tourism initiatives, we aim to empower local communities and contribute to their sustainable development.

Our Own Asian Heritage Foundation

Our philanthropic arm, the Asian Heritage Foundation, plays a vital role in driving sustainability and community projects. Through this foundation, we undertake various initiatives, such as education programs, healthcare support, and environmental conservation efforts. By contributing a portion of our proceeds to these initiatives, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of the people living in the regions we operate.

Start Traveling Sustainably

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Asian Heritage is Travelife partner

We are proud to be recognized as Travelife partner in Nepal. We are committed to preserve our country, culture and nature at any step of our journey. Discover more about our sustainable promises and how we intend to change the way we travel.

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