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About Us

Asian Heritage Treks & Expeditions is a highly experienced, professional and dynamic agency that provides personalized customer-centric service and products. We offer a wide variety of products, ranging from a day hike tours, spiritual tours, summit expeditions, adventure activities, all the way to tailor-made treks in South-Asian countries. Our customers share our passion for active travel, cultural immersion, nature, and sustainable and socially responsible tourism.

Why Us?

Tour Safety, Our Priority

No Compromise

We can’t risk our customers’ lives. So, when it comes to safety, we do not make any compromises. As a result, first-aid kits are provided on all tours, and itineraries are carefully planned to allow for adequate

Professional Team

Our guides are chosen for their technical expertise, proven safety records, sound judgment, and friendly manner and ability to deliver useful and informed directions. They’re also well-trained in first aid and
personal protective equipment.

Great Value For Money

We discount price but never discount quality!

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. So, we can’t stand any compromise in quality.
Further, as a result of our many years in the tourism sector, we have created many long-standing and
personal cooperative ties with over one hundred local service providers in Nepal, allowing us to give the
most competitive prices for our valued customers.

Honesty Lasts Longest

Our Cornerstone
Honesty is the best policy, right? Confidence and the ability to perform will go if there is no honesty. We’re
in the business of making your dreams come true while also making new friends.
Responsible Tourism

Honest travel advice and responsible tour operations with careful supervision and attention are all that
we have been accomplishing to this date.

Your Trip, Your Program

Tailor Made Packages
Don’t see anything that fits your travel wishes and preferences? Customize your own trip!

Unlike the vast majority of trekking and tour agencies, our professional team has over a decade of
expertise in guiding treks and leading tours throughout Southeast Asia. We are able to develop unique
tailor-made itineraries that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, thanks to our in-depth
knowledge of the mountains and first-hand awareness of guests’ wishes and needs.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Nepal by designing our itineraries and operating in the tourism field guided by the principles of ecotourism and sustainable tourism.

Moreover, through our Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal, we want to achieve the points mentioned earlier while improving the lives of the poorest rural people (particularly children and women), and other disadvantaged people by providing them opportunities for their socioeconomic development.

Our Features

Safety Travel

The customer’s safety is always our 1st priority. We cannot stand any compromises in safety that risk our
customers’ lives.

Economical Cost

We offer the best-quality services at a very reasonable price. We respect our customers’ hard work and
every dollar they earn. So, we provide great value for their money.

Quality Service

We may discount the price, but not the quality. Quality travel without any hassles is what we always offer.

Friendly Guides

We have highly trained and very friendly guides. Each of them is making sure your adventure in Nepal will be an unforgettable and safe experience. 

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