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Our Foundation

Making A Positive Impact

Responsible travel promotes the sustainable development of destinations by minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive ones for both the environments in which we operate and the people who live there. A sincere commitment to responsible travel is critical to our foundation.

Asian Heritage Treks and Travels understands the importance of following the rules, regulations, and best practices for social, cultural, environmental, and economic sustainability. As a tour operator who works with a wide range of tourism stakeholders, including consumers, tour guides, travel agencies, hotels, transportation companies, restaurants, and attractions, we understand our critical role and influence in the long-term development of tourism, as well as the global impact of this industry.

Cultural Respect

One of the captivating aspects of Asia is its abundance of opportunities for cultural exchange, making it a fascinating and vibrant destination. To honor this diversity, we have dedicated ourselves to incorporating immersive and mutually enriching cultural experiences into all our tours.

While cultures, traditions, and customs may seem similar at first glance, they can vary significantly across Nepal. To ensure the most enriching experiences, we consistently encourage our guests and clients to approach each encounter with an open mind and a deep respect for local cultures.

Treading Lightly

Treading lightly means reducing footprints at destinations.

This involves anything from turning off idling engines to selecting eco-friendly transportation, using biodegradable cleaning products, properly disposing of waste, or recycling when possible.

Additionally, we carefully vet all our suppliers to ensure their practices are in line with our environmental standards while encouraging guests to choose eco-friendly accommodations, which we can happily arrange.

Local Charities

By supporting local charities, enterprises, and organizations that contribute to environmental and cultural causes, we maximize the benefits that tourism has on locals and their economies.

Moreover, Asian Heritage has founded the Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal (AHFNepal) to improve the lives of the poorest rural people, particularly children and women, as well as other disadvantaged individuals, by providing them opportunities for socio-economic development.

Whenever possible, we encourage guests to partake in sustainable tourism activities, shop at fair-trade shops, or dine in restaurants run by vocational institutions that train youths and disadvantaged people.

Community Based Tourism

By actively supporting community-based tourism projects alongside local and international development organizations, Asian Heritage Treks & Travels helps generate revenue in remote and impoverished communities in Nepal. These projects allow visitors to engage in unique and authentic cultural experiences while simultaneously helping to preserve local traditions, improve welfare, and support environmental conservation.

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