Asian Heritage Group

Our Story So Far

Asian Heritage Treks & Expeditions
Founded in 2004


Asian Heritage Treks & Expeditions P. Ltd. was first one to be established under the Asian Heritage Group. It marked as the first milestone for what the Asian Heritage stands at the moment.

Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal
Founded in 2009

Furthermore, Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal, a non-profit organization, was founded with the mission of enhancing the lives of rural people, especially children and women, while creating opportunities for their socio-economic development. Presently, we have successfully established a fully equipped community hospital in Necha village, located in the Solukhumbu district. In addition, we have been delivering training programs on modern agricultural methods to local farmers and empowering women through training initiatives in Solukhumbu, Khotang, and Okhaldhunga, encompassing 18 VDCs.

Asian Heritage Exports, Imports & Cargo
Founded in 2010

To cater to the logistics requisite of Nepalese garments, suppliers and the buyer all around the world, Asian Heritage Exports, Imports & Cargo (P.) Ltd. was founded. Since then, we have completed many import and export with 100% customer satisfaction.


Nepal Apartment & Hotel

Founded in 2012

Due to the increment of tourist in Nepal, Asian Heritage Group founded Nepal apartment to provide hospitality service to them. Located in the silent alley nearby the touristic hub, Thamel. The apartment is of 5 stories and each story occupies 2 bedrooms, kitchen, lobby, bathroom and balcony to rest and relax. Since the establishment, Nepal apartment has provided the hospitality to more than +300 guests with them staying from 1 week to 3 months.

Asian Heritage Int'l Tours & Travels
Founded in 2012

To achieve you have to grow. In Nepal, the tourism sector was blooming in late 2011. To expand our horizon, Asian Heritage Int’l Tours & Travels was established with the mission to improve the tours service in Nepal as well as the international tours. Since then, we have conducted +2000 successful tours in Nepal and other South-Asian countries.

Nepal Handicraft Collections
Founded in 2013

Nepal Handicraft is the latest organization that was established under the Asian Heritage Group. Nepal Handicraft greatly supports women empowerment and helps them in return by utilizing the handicraft skill of women by selling the products.

Asian Heritage Inn & Bistro
Founded in 2019

Asian Heritage Inn & Bistro is an entity of Asian Heritage Group and is located near by the touristic hub, Kapan. The apartment is of 5 tiers and has 5 bed rooms, restaurant, bathroom, rooftop and balcony to rest and relax. Located in the outskirt of the city’s hustle, Asian Heritage Inn & Bistro features a sun terrace and view of monasteries and hills.

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