Sustainability Report

Asian Heritage Treks & Expeditions (P.) Ltd.

Yearly Sustainability Report (2022-2023)


This comprehensive sustainable report provides an overview of our company’s efforts and progress toward achieving sustainability goals. Our management is actively involved in this process, and we have recently appointed a new Sustainable Coordinator to spearhead our sustainability initiatives. Our internal communication channels ensure regular face-to-face interactions between higher management, general management, and all employees, allowing everyone to stay updated on progress and address any issues. This report evaluates our future plans, progress, and potential challenges.

Travelife Sustainability Reporting Procedure

To ensure transparency and accountability, we follow the Travelife sustainability reporting procedure. The key steps involved are:

  • Action Plan: We create a comprehensive action plan outlining the necessary steps to achieve Travelife certification.
  • Data Collection: We gather data from our operations, suppliers, and partners in line with Travelife standards and criteria.
  • Data Analysis: We analyze the collected data to identify areas of non-compliance and opportunities for improvement.
  • Travelife Report: We prepare a detailed Travelife report that showcases our progress and performance in meeting Travelife requirements.
  • Review and Feedback: The report is submitted to Travelife for review and feedback, ensuring external validation of our efforts. Additionally, the report is shared in monthly meetings with all staff members to promote transparency and awareness.
  • Action and Improvement: Any areas of non-compliance identified in the report are addressed promptly, and necessary actions are taken to rectify them.
  • Update Action Plan: We update our action plan, setting new targets and objectives to ensure continuous improvement. Existing actions are modified if they prove unattainable or require adjustment.
  • Regular Progress Review: We regularly review our progress to ensure we stay on track to achieve Travelife certification, making necessary course corrections along the way.

Management Involvement

At our company, management is actively engaged in the sustainability process. We have a single higher manager and a general manager who is directly involved in sustainability initiatives. Their participation ensures that sustainability is a priority at the highest level of decision-making. Additionally, face-to-face communication between higher management, general management, and employees occurs almost every day. This consistent interaction enables us to address any issues and track progress effectively.

Meeting Updates and Annual Report

To keep the entire company informed, we organize monthly meetings where an overview document summarizing the progress and issues discussed is shared with all staff members. Additionally, a yearly meeting is held to discuss the overall progress and challenges of the past year. A comprehensive annual report is compiled, documenting all the details from these meetings. Following the meeting, this report is uploaded to our website and sent via email to all employees for their reference.

Trainings for Staffs

Over the past two years, our company has made a significant investment in training our staff and tour guides. We understand that well-trained employees are crucial to providing exceptional service to our clients. To achieve this, we’ve introduced comprehensive training programs that encompass both technical skills and soft skills.

Our team has been actively involved in attending workshops and seminars to stay up-to-date with the newest trends and best practices in travel and hospitality. Furthermore, we’ve encouraged our staff to complete Travelife training, focusing on sustainable tourism. This has not only boosted our team’s knowledge and skills but has also encouraged a culture of ongoing improvement.

We also encourage our staff and guides to talk about their experiences and ideas, which helps everyone learn together and support each other. This investment in training not only gives our team the skills they need but also shows our dedication to giving our clients the best experiences possible.


We believe that when we help local charities and businesses that care about the environment and culture, we make tourism better for the local people and their economy. Also, Asian Heritage has created the Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal (AHFNepal) to help the poorest people in rural areas, especially children and women, and others who are facing difficulties. We give them chances to improve their lives and develop their communities. Whenever we can, we suggest that guests take part in eco-friendly tourism stuff, buy from fair shops.

The Girls Education Support Program, initiated by the Asian Heritage Foundation Nepal, is currently operational in ten villages spanning three districts: Solukhumbhu, Okhaldunga, and Khotang. This commendable initiative aims to provide educational assistance to approximately 300 girls over the course of the entire year. The program has received generous support from Sukhi Home and several individual donors. It was inaugurated in 2016 and remains steadfast in its mission to this day.

Necha Community Hospital area has built separate ward building inside it’s area.. This new structure comprises eight rooms, designed to accommodate both male and female patients. We anticipate that this facility will mark a significant milestone in patient care. The Serena Barat Foundation from The Netherlands is graciously supporting this project.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact, our pursuit of sustainable partnerships was momentarily halted. Nevertheless, we have now initiated our search for partners who actively champion sustainable tourism. We are pleased to announce our recent collaborations with eco-friendly hotels such as Hotel Sarowar in Pokhara, Traditional Comfort in Kathmandu, and The Pavilion Hotels & Resort in Pokhara. These establishments are committed to environmental preservation and actively contribute to addressing associated issues. Going forward, our primary goal is to exclusively partner with those who wholeheartedly endorse sustainable tourism principles.


We recognize the importance of sustainability in our operations and are committed to improving our practices continuously. With the appointment of a Sustainable Coordinator and the implementation of the Travelife reporting procedure, we aim to enhance our sustainability efforts. Regular meetings and comprehensive reports will ensure transparency and engagement among all employees. We look forward to making significant strides in the coming year and beyond, aligning our business practices with sustainable principles.

Thank you,

Saru Tamang

Sustainability Coordinator

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