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Sarangkot Pokhara
Sarangkot is located on the hill on the western side of Pokhara. Sarangkot is known for the most popular viewpoint of Pokhara. It is famous for its panoramic views of the majestic Himalayas, nature walks, treks, and hikes through the villages. It is located below the ridge which travelers need to climb to the steps...
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Pokhara Street Festival
The Pokhara Street Festival is a five-day annual event held in Pokhara, Nepal, during the New Year holiday season. It is organized by the Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (REBAN) and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. The festival features a variety of events and activities. It’s a unique...
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Busy Tourist Cities of Nepal
Nepal, a global tourist hotspot, has several bustling¬†tourist cities. Today, we’ll take a look at some of these vibrant destinations considered to be must-visit cities in Nepal. Nepal, located in the majestic Himalayas, captivates visitors with its natural beauty, cultural wealth, and spiritual tranquility. Nepal is well-known for its breathtaking landscapes, ancient temples, and warm...
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