Hiking In Kathmandu
Kathmandu is the most prominent city in Nepal. It is also a hiking paradise for nature fanatics and adventure seekers. Hiking in Kathmandu offers an excess of breathtaking stunning landscapes and rich cultural sites. The town preserves historical insight but is also an immunity for spiritual travelers. It can experience diverse cultures that come from...
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Tashilhinpo Monastery
Tashilhunpo Monastery was founded in 1447 by the Dalai Lama. It became the seat to the Panchen lama who is the second most important spiritual leader of Tibet. It is located in Shigatse, the second-largest city in Tibet. The monastery has impressive architecture and vibrant spiritual energy that makes it more special. The relationship between...
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Khali Khane
Khali Khane is the initiatory fire ritual practiced in Nepal. It is the oldest Shamanism(system of religious practice) rite to distinguish between the malignant possessing spirits and good-intentioned ones from the lineage or other helpful spirits of nature and deities. Mostly it is called Bayu Utarnu. Bayu Utarnu is a sacrifice that achieves a transformation...
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Monkey temple during Nepal highlights tour
Welcome to the top 10 Must-See Destinations in Nepal in 2024. Last year, Nepal attracted over 200,000 tourists. It is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Nepal is known for its epic culture, diverse history, natural beauty, and adventures that people remember for a lifetime. The most popular activity among tourists...
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Mundhum Trek
Mundhum Trek in simple words is the trip that shows the way of life, philosophy, and religion of the Kirat community based on stories memories, and oral traditions passed down through generations. During rituals kirat shaman chants Mundhum includes naming different places and visiting them spiritually. The new Trek was officially opened to travelers in...
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Kopan Monastery
Kopan Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery which is near Boudhanath, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, Nepal. It is the foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition, it is devotion to the transmission of the Mahayana Buddhist tradition and values worldwide through teaching, meditation, and community service is reflected in the course offered at...
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Rara National park
Rara National Park includes one of the most fascinating lakes in Nepal, Rara Lake, which is frequently referred to as the “queen of lakes” to justify its beauty. The amazing Rara Lake Trek leads you to a hidden region of Karnali. The breathtakingly beautiful Rara Lake remains clean due to the limited number of visitors....
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Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park
If you are someone who loves nature and also looks for adventure alongside it, Shivapuri Nagarjun  National Park is the best destination for you. It is a protected area away from the hectic chaos of Kathmandu city. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is home to 100s of flora and fauna and is a perfect spot for...
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Shey Phoksundo National Park
Shey Phoksundo National Park offers some of the most breathtaking vistas on earth. This makes this national park a must-visit destination for nature lovers. Its hiking paths provide unparalleled opportunities to immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world. This location is among the world’s most picturesque alpine parks, comparable to Yosemite and Yellowstone...
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Makalu Barun National Park
Makalu Barun National Park, situated in Nepal’s remote Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha Districts, stands as one of the country’s most remote and diverse natural wonders. Spanning 1,500 square kilometers, it offers a breathtaking combination of snow-capped peaks and lush tropical forests, with elevations exceeding 8,000 meters above sea level. Moreover, Makalu Barun National Park lies along...
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