Missing Russian Climber Nadezhda Oleneva Spotted Above 6,000m on Mt Dhaulagiri, Awaiting Risky Rescue

Nadezhda Oleneva, 38, was part of a daring three-member team of Russian climbers attempting to conquer Dhaulagiri without using base camp or Sherpa support.

Who had gone missing after falling into a crevasse at an altitude above 6,000 meters, has been located and a rescue mission is underway.

The harrowing incident occurred at approximately 11:25 a.m. on October 13 when Nadezhda Oleneva plummeted into a crevasse at around 6,680 meters. Meanwhile, her fellow climbers, Roman Abildaev and Radom Kashapov, who were above the base camp, reported her location as approximately 500 meters below their position based on GPS coordinates. Together, the trio had embarked on this challenging expedition with the intention of scaling Dhaulagiri in an alpine style without the aid of supplemental oxygen.

Nadezhda Oleneva
Image: Nadezhda Oleneva (Source: Everest Today)

The rescue mission to find Nadezhda was led by Himalayan Guides, with Iswari Poudel, the Managing Director, overseeing the operation. Kailash Helicopter conducted an aerial search, successfully spotting Nadezhda at an altitude of approximately 6,100 meters, further bolstering their efforts. Senior captain Philipp Schwegler, who led the aerial search alongside Roman Abildaev, identified her trapped in an ice sheet fracture.

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“We are planning to conduct a long-line rescue to evacuate her,” stated Paudel, although the climber’s fate remains uncertain. (Source)

This expedition to Dhaulagiri had a unique significance, as it was organized to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Russian mountaineering and was supported by the Russian Ministry of Sports.

Source: thehimalayantimes

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