Nepal Government Announces Road Closure for Prithvi Highway Expansion

The District Administration Office in Dhading has issued an official notice regarding the temporary closure and the Prithvi Highway Expansion and construction work. According to the decision made during a meeting held on September 18, 2023 (Ashwin 01, 2080), at the District Administration Office in Dhading, certain segments of the highway will undergo widening as per the approved design.

The affected road sections include kilometer markers 17 (Khayarghari) and 33 (near Pokhara Khola), which will see significant widening and construction works to facilitate easier traffic flow.

This construction work is scheduled to commence on September 21, 2023(Ashwin 04, 2080) and is expected to continue until October 7, 2023(Ashwin 20, 2080), with traffic restrictions in place during the construction hours.

Prithvi Highway Expansion Notice
Image: Prithvi Highway Expansion Notice (Via

For safety, vehicular movement will be suspended in specified areas daily from 11:00 PM to 3:00 AM. During this time, apart from ambulances and security vehicles, no other vehicles will be allowed to pass through. This information is being disseminated to all concerned parties for their awareness and cooperation.

Details of the road closures and Prithvi Highway Expansion are as follows:

Eastern Side (Coming from Kathmandu)

  • Location: Eklephant, Ward No. 1, Thakre Rural Municipality

Western Side (Coming from Mugling)

  • Location: Ghatweshi Bridge of Ward No. 5, Gajuri Rural Municipality

This decision has been taken to ensure the safety of commuters and construction workers during the road expansion project.

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Dhading District Office urges travelers to plan and follow road closure timings. Stay tuned with us for further information or inquiries.


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