Muktinath: A Sacred Temple In The Himalayas

Muktinath is a revered temple in the Himalayas, nestled at Thorong La mountain pass in Mustang. This sacred space embodies harmony among religions, featuring shrines, burial stupas, and prayer wheels. A breathtaking journey, often described as a trip to heaven, attracts pilgrims from worldwide. Explore the coexistence of faiths in this spiritual sanctuary.

On the first day of our journey, we began our trip from Kathmandu at around 7 in the morning. As we drove towards the hilly districts of Baglung and Parbat through Pokhara, the view of the mustard fields was simply breathtaking and evoked a sense of nostalgia in me.

Suspension Bridge

We stopped at Parbat to take in the view from the suspension bridge connecting Baglung and Parbat, which is considered the highest suspension bridge in the world. Walking across the bridge with the river flowing beneath was an exhilarating experience, and for thrill-seekers, there’s also the option of bungee jumping from the bridge. The view of the river, hills, and mountains from the bridge was truly mesmerizing. We continued our journey and had dinner on the way to Jomsom, enjoying the famous authentic Thakali cuisine. There is no better place to have Thakali food than in Mustang District, where it originated. After a short rest, we continued our journey through the night, with an exciting day ahead.

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“On the second day, I awoke at 4 AM in our moving vehicle, and what I witnessed outside left me in awe. The moonlight painted the mountains, creating a breathtaking scene. Sparkling mountains in the dark of night, combined with the crisp air of Mustang, etched an unforgettable memory. As the sun’s first rays kissed the mountains, we reached Muktinath base around 7 AM. The frigid air, snowy hills, and the 30-minute walk to the sacred Muktinath temple at 3,710m/12,172ft were truly unique. For an easier journey, you can also horseback ride from the base for just 2 dollars. This temple holds significance for both Hindus and Buddhists, believed to cleanse sins through a dip in the 108 water taps of Mustang. Yet, bathing at such a height, with temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius, posed quite a challenge.”


But it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and somehow, I managed to do it. Nothing in the world ever made me feel more alive than that freezing sensation. I would recommend all adrenaline seekers to try it at least once in their lifetime, as it will be a true test of will and determination. After finishing our prayers, we drove back down to Jomsom and had Thakali khana for lunch. After a short rest, we went for a village walk to Dhumba lake. The walk was challenging as the wind pressure in the area got high and cold after 12 P.M. But after an hour of hike, we finally reached the lake, and the view was mesmerizing. The serene lake surrounded by the rugged mountains was a sight to behold. We spent the night at Jomsom and drove back to Kathmandu the following day.

In conclusion, a trip to Muktinath is not just about visiting a temple; it is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime. The breathtaking views, the authentic cuisine, and the challenge of bathing in freezing water all make it an unforgettable journey. I highly recommend making the pilgrimage to Muktinath; it is a journey worth taking.


Is trip the Muktinath really worth it?

A trip to the Muktinath temple is certainly worth it because you’ll get to experience things like nowhere in the world. You’ll taste authentic Nepali cuisines and enjoy the spectacular mountainous views along the way to Muktinath.

What is the road condition of Muktinath?

The road condition is moderate with the dusty road all the way to Jomsom. Going to Mustang in the rainy season is comparatively more complex than in other seasons because of the risks of soil erosions and landslides.

What is the best season to go to Muktinath?

The best season to go to Muktinath is from Oct-Feb. This season is popular among tourists because there is slighty lesser rainfall and snowfall also starts during the season.

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